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Board of Supervisors Speaker's Form


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    1. James City County Board of Supervisors Speaker's Form

      Once completed, place in Speaker's Form basket at dais prior to the start of the meeting.

    2. Public Comment:

      This is an opportunity to speak to any matter that is not related to a Public Hearing and is germane to the work of the public body. Priority will be give to those who have submitted a completed form and indicated they are speaking to an agenda item or topic that is not subject to a public hearing (i.e.: Consent Calendar or Board Consideration).

    3. Public Hearing:

      This is an opportunity to express an opinion on, for or against, a specific issue on the agenda under the heading of Public Hearing(s).

    4. I wish to speak during (please select one):

    5. Comments must be made from the podium. A speaker's time begins when he/she approaches the podium.

    6. Time Limits

    7. Public Comment

      5 minutes - all speakers

    8. Public Hearings

      5 minutes - individuals 15 minutes - group spokesperson** 15 minutes - applicant/applicant's representative

    9. ** A group with a designated spokesperson who wishes to address the Board must notify the Administrative Coordinator to the Board by 2 p.m. the day of the scheduled public hearing at or 757-253-6609.**

      Additional rules and guidelines may be found on the second page.