Credit for Sewer & Wastewater Treatment

James City County residents served by the JCSA can obtain credit on the sewer and wastewater treatment portion of your Hampton Roads Utility Billing Service statement by registering either the submeter attached to your lawn irrigation system, or by registering a hose bibb meter that attaches to your outside spigot.

Cubic foot submeterWater is not included in the credit. Hose bibb meters are not accepted by the Hampton Roads Sanitation District for wastewater treatment credit. There is an $18 a year submeter fee.

You can obtain a submeter by contacting an irrigation or landscape company, or if you choose the hose bibb meter, by contacting a company who handles water meters. A list of our irrigation and landscape conservation partners is listed on this site.

You should register your submeter as soon as it is installed, or when you receive the hose bibb meter from the manufacturer. A current Backflow Inspection (PDF) must be submitted with your submeter registration form in order for the submeter to be activated and receive submeter credit.

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Submeter Readings are due by the first of every month that your Irrigation System is in Use.

Should a reading be received late the credit will be delayed until the next billing cycle. Submeter deductions given for any one billing cycle cannot exceed the total consumption for that billing period. No back credit will be given.