James City County Recreation Center

Roof Replacement - January 2016
Scope of Work
This project consists of replacing approximately 12,000 square feet of the existing flat roof system over the James City County Recreation Center expansion. The flat roof system over the original building was replaced in 2008.

The existing EPDM roof system and insulation will be removed and replaced with PVC roof system and insulation. As part of this project, the roof system will be brought up to current code requirements for overflow systems and insulation. Additional work has been added under separate contract to repair leaky window flashing in a curved window over the lobby.

Status of Project
Hudson and Associates Architects prepared the design of the demolition and replacement of the existing roofing system. Starburst Roofing company was awarded the contract to replace the roof and mobilized to the site in March following the snow and rain.

Membrane roofing has been installed over the all areas of the roof in the contract. A punch list walk through was performed on June 30. Punch list items should be complete mid-July.
The curved skylight flashing repair was awarded as a separate project and was awarded to Roof Services company. The skylight flashing repair was completed in January 2015. Subsequent rain storms have revealed that some minor leaks remain but, are associated with the windows themselves. Work commenced December 3, 2015 and should be completed in 2 weeks, pending weather. No leaks have been present during smaller rainfall events but, during heavy rains it appears cracks in the vertical Exterior Insulated Finishing Systems (EIFS). Repair and sealing of the EIFS was added to the roofing contract with Starburst Construction with the work complete in early November. No leaks have been detected since the EIFS repair was completed. The re-roofing project phase and associated additional work is complete as of December 2015.

  • Architectural/Engineering Design - Complete
  • Bidding Phase - Complete
  • Construction Phase - Spring 2014
  • $335K Approved
  • Hudson and Associates Architects - $23,816
  • Contract Amount and percent completed - $23,316 - 97.9%
  • Starburst Roofing Company - $226,435
  • Contract Amount and percent completed - $204,305 - 90.2%
  • Architect/Engineer contract awarded
  • Plans complete
  • Bid package complete
  • Out to Bid October 7, 2014
  • Bids returned November 14, 2014
  • Contract approved December 9, 2014
  • Skylight flashing repair completed January 2015
  • Begin roof replacement March 2015
  • Membrane installation complete April 2015
  • Complete flashing, coping and overflow drain installation
  • Identify sources and repair remaining skylight leaks
  • Repair and seal EIFS to fix remaining leaks in re-roofing area
Next Steps
  • Project complete
Project Issues
  • Rainy winter weather
  • Additional sources of leaks identified during re-roofing work

Masonry Wall Replacement - August 2015

Scope of Work

This project consists of repairing the approximately 100-foot-long curved wall at the rear of the pool enclosure at the James City County Recreation Center. The corrosion of the steel supports and deformations in the brick wall were noted in a routine inspection of the pool ceiling. A subsequent detailed investigation revealed that the steel reinforcing in the wall has been significantly corroded due to exposure to the moist air from the pool and condensation within the wall. The repair will require removing the brick, repairing the support for the interior CMU wall and improving interior drainage of condensate within the wall. It is not anticipated that the repairs will impact the Recreation Center operations.

Status of Project

TAM Consultants performed an investigation of the condition of the wall in August 2014. A purchase order for the demolition and repair design and details was issued in November 2014 to TAM Consultants. Three bids were received on March 16, 2015, with the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, Richmond Primoid, at $108,470. The Board of Supervisors approved the contract at the April 14 meeting and the contract has been awarded. Work began in mid-May with demolition of the masonry exterior wall exposing the steel beams and braces beneath. 

Measurements showed the beams had lost nearly 15% of their section due to rust and many braces were almost completely rusted through. As a result the beams had deflected more than anticipated. Analysis by TAM Consultants concluded the beams would adequate to bear the anticipated loads with some additional bracing specified. Installation of the steel bracing and painting of the steel work was completed by the third week of June followed by replacement of the masonry exterior completed July 2. A punch list walk-through is scheduled for Tuesday, July 14, after cleanup and scaffold removal July 6-10. The project is scheduled to be completed on time by the second week of July 2015.


  • Architectural/Engineering Investigation - 100% complete
  • Design Phase - November 2014 - January 2015
  • Bidding Phase - March/April 2015
  • Contract Award - May 2015
  • Construction - May - July 2015 (99% complete)


  • $200K Estimated
  • TAM Consultants, Inc. (Investigation/Design) - $29,214
  • Contract Amount and percent completed -$18,462 - 63.2%
  • Richmond Primoid, Inc. - $109,068
  • Contract Amount and percent completed - $90,003 - 82.5%


  • Architect/Engineer Investigation complete
  • Repair design underway
  • Completed design and details
  • Bids received
  • Contract awarded
  • Exterior masonry demolition complete
  • Steel inspection complete
  • Complete installation of steel supports and additional bracing
  • Replace exterior masonry wall
  • Punch list items
  • Site cleanup

Project Issues

  • Steel inside the wall was corroded and deformed more than expected and additional bracing was required.
Building Renovations - February 2014
Scope of Work
There was a pool of funds that were allocated in FY2013 to perform several renovation items for the Recreation Center. This report covers renovations to upgrade the condition of the community rooms, the kitchen, and restroom facilities. During preparation of the renovation plans, it was discovered that the pool storage room roof system was failing and needed to be replaced. So that work was included as an additional renovation item. In the community rooms and kitchen, the existing deteriorated floor coverings were replaced with vinyl. The restrooms all received an epoxy floor covering. The restrooms by Room D were also painted and the wall-mounted sinks were replaced with counters and new sinks. The kitchen appliances were replaced to restore it as a fully functioning catering kitchen. Painting of several areas in the Center was accomplished and some new window treatments were added.

Status of Project
The design of all projects was completed and building permits were obtained for the work. All projects have now been completed.

The various projects were conducted by separate contractors but each project was completed with the specified time frame.

Design Budget
  • Project design contract cost - $3,845
  • Design change orders approved to date - $3,085*
  • Current balance - $0
* The failed roof in the pool storage room was not anticipated as part of the original scope of renovations but design of its replacement was necessary.

Construction Budget
  • Project construction costs - $107,070
  • Construction change orders approved to date - $28,968*
  • Current balance - $0
* The failed roof in the pool storage room was not anticipated as part of the original scope of renovations but replacement was necessary. Funds were reallocated among the various renovation projects throughout the year but the renovations to the Center were accomplished within the overall pool of funds.

  • Design complete and building permits issued.
  • Contractors selected for the various projects.
  • Work completed on all projects.