Fire Station 4

Replacement - August 2015
Scope of Work
James City County Fire Station 4 was originally built around 1980 and is in need of replacement. The new building will be approximately 14,400 square feet with a 3-vehicle bay facility, living quarters for up to 12 individuals, offices and space for training and storage. It was determined that an expansion of the site with fire operations taking place in the existing building while the new building is constructed on an expanded site footprint would provide the most cost-effective solution. This subsequently required purchase of an adjoining property to accommodate the larger building and site restraints necessitated plans for retrofit of an off-site stormwater facility to treat stormwater from the expanded fire station impervious area. This project is intended to be constructed for LEED Silver certification.

Status of Project
The project is currently complete. Work started in November 2013 with the retrofit of the off-site BMP in the Westmoreland Subdivision. The off-site work was completed in December 2013 despite frequent rains and poor drying conditions. Site work began with clearing of the fire station site in December 2013 with site improvements beginning in January 2014. Site work was hampered by poor weather but, the contractor made progress with the stormwater piping, utility relocation and preparation of the building pad. Footings were poured in March and the foundation and concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls began in earnest in May. May also saw all utility relocation completed. 

The CMU walls and roof trusses were completed in mid-August. Metal roofing is currently nearing completion and the building was dried in early November and exterior masonry is complete and many doors installed. The building is complete and the contractor is addressing punch list items and final code inspection is underway. Switch over to the new building was completed during the first week of April with a temporary certificate of occupancy. Demolition of the existing building was delayed by slow utility disconnections but was completed by mid-May. Site work where the existing building had been located is ongoing and was complete by the second week of July 2015.
  • Construction Phase - 100% complete
  • $4.1 M Approved
  • HVC Chennault Architectural Corp - $331,538
  • Contract Amount and percent completed - $322,203 - 97.2%
  • AES Consulting Engineers - $61,406
  • Contract Amount and percent completed - $60,750 - 99.1%
  • AR Chesson Construction Contract - $3,368,008
  • Contract amount and percent completed - $3,158,259 - 93.8%
  • Additional Services - $337,263
  • Property acquisition
  • Site plan approval
  • Bids complete
  • Construction underway
  • Offsite BMP work complete
  • Footings complete
  • Utility relocation complete
  • Storm sewer substantially complete
  • Slab poured with plumbing and electrical underslab work complete
  • CMU installation complete
  • Brick masonry complete
  • Air barrier complete
  • Ceramic tile
  • Chair rail and wainscoting
  • Mechanical/Electrical Trim out
  • Install grinder pump and piping
  • New fire station is fully operational
  • Demolish existing fire station
  • Main parking lot and entrances paved
  • Storm sewer complete
  • Grade remainder of site for paving
  • Pave the side entrance road and associated storm sewer work
Project Issues
  • Wet, snowy winter
  • Slow utility installation and demolition
  • Frequent summer rains
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