Jamestown Road

Stream Restoration - July 2018

Scope of Work

The Jamestown Road Stream Restoration will repair drainage infrastructure and protect property and sewer infrastructure by stabilizing erosion in an area of the County which has highly erodible soils and uncontrolled runoff from upstream development that was created prior to stormwater management regulations.

The project flows northeast to southwest between the Boughsprings Subdivision on Jamestown Road, the James Square Subdivision and the Springdale Subdivision on North Court. The project begins at the VDOT culvert under Jamestown Road and terminates approximately 900 feet downstream in a stable stream section. The project will also stabilize approximately 200 linear feet of stream channel below the outfall from the James Square Subdivision. The Jamestown Road Stream Restoration is located in the Mill Creek Watershed and is identified as a priority restoration in the Mill Creek Watershed Management Plan.

The goal of the design is to create a channel with a stable pattern, profile and dimension and stabilize actively eroding banks. Natural channel design principles were utilized to develop the limits for the design. Streambank stabilization structures will be employed in the stream restoration. Invasive plants will be removed and replaced with native trees, shrubs and herbaceous vegetation. All necessary permits and/or approvals have been obtained for this project.

Status of Project

A final design has been completed by Stantec Inc. and has been reviewed and approved by all agencies. Easement acquisition is also complete. Stormwater Local Assistance Fund (SLAF) grant applications were submitted to the DEQ in October 2014. A grant of $258,750 was awarded to James City County for the project. Bids were received in August 2017 with contract award consideration scheduled for the Sept. 12, 2017 Board of Supervisors meeting. Construction began in mid-October and is proceeding well. Minor conflicts with Colonial Gas Line and Dominion Power were resolved fairly quickly at the project beginning. The contractor completed the work on time in February 2018 despite holidays and inclement weather. Some repair work to the James Square tributary is required after review of the as-built survey information. Work for corrections will likely take place in June 2018.


  • Design Plans - 100% Complete
  • Bidding Phase - Complete
  • Construction Phase - October 2017 - February 2018


  • $755,000
  • STANTEC (design, CQA and monitoring) - $85,690
  • Contract Amount and percent completed - $67,317 - 79%
  • River Works, Inc. - $477,367
  • Contract Amount and percent completed - $447,352 - 93%
  • Landtech Resources Inc. (survey) - $5,400
  • Contract Amount and percent completed - $5,400 - 100%


  • Grant funding secured
  • Design is complete
  • Complete easement acquisition
  • Site plan approval
  • Corps of Engineer Permit approval
  • Land Disturbing Permit approval
  • Solicit bids for the work
  • Obtain land disturbing permits
  • Construction commenced October 2017
  • Construction complete
  • Repair undersized tributary section from the James Square neighborhood outfall

Next Steps

  • Post-construction monitoring

Project Issues

  • The necessary work will need to be performed in an environmentally sensitive area.
  • Easements from private property owners will need to be acquired.
  • Difficulty with mortgage lender handling documents.
  • Dominion Power concerns regarding a leaning tree.
  • Colonial Pipe Line concerns over construction entrance.

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