Chickahominy Riverfront Park

Park Improvements - January 2020

Scope of Work

The Chickahominy Riverfront Park Improvements will provide improved infrastructure to the County’s park located on John Tyler Highway (Route 5) and fronting the Chickahominy River and Gordon’s Creek. Park infrastructure upgrades include realignment, repairs and additions to the existing roads on-site. Utility upgrades will focus on water and sanitary sewer, and a new pool pump house. Water system upgrades will focus on the domestic well facility and distribution piping to meet current regulations and future water demands. Additional work includes the demolition of the small pool due to ongoing leaking and continued noncompliance issues with DEQ for groundwater removal limits and installation of a small splash pad in the area of the former pool site.


  • Water System Replacement installation Completed - Winter 2017
  • Splash Pad/Pump House Design - Spring/Summer 2017
  • Splash Pad/Pump House Construction Start - Fall 2017


  • Water System Replacement (Phase I - Water Main) - $300,000 Estimated
  • Pool Pump House & Splash Pad - $450,000 Estimated
  • Draper Aden and Associates - Contract Amount (Water Main Design) - $83,965.40
  • Current payout and percent completed - $83,965.40 - 100.0%


  • DEQ notification for exceeding groundwater withdrawal limits from water leaks.
  • DEQ approval for replacement of the water system based on water withdrawal.
  • Archaeology - Phase 1 additional investigation completed and accepted by VDHR.
  • Site Plan approval for the water system obtained.
  • Land Disturbing Permit and Plumbing Permit issued for the water main replacement.
  • Splash Pad and Pump House bidding phase complete.
  • BOS Contract Award of Splash Pad and Pump House on November 22, 2016.
  • Water main replacement completed June 14, 2017.
  • Demo Permit and Building Permit for Splash Pad issued October 31, 2017.
  • Land Disturbing Permit for Splash Pad issued November 1, 2017.

Budget - Water Main Installation (Complete)

  • American Eastern, Inc. (Water Main Improvements) - $166,592.00
  • Current payout and percent completed - $165,102.00 – 100.0%
  • Additional Project Component Expenses - $22,579.10

Budget - Splash Pad and Pumphouse

  • Accord Pools, LLC - $397,050.00
  • Current payout and percent completed - $377,197.50 – 95.0%
  • Splash Zone, LLC - Retainage - $9,941.80
  • Additional Project Component Expenses - $89,791.42


  • 2018 Memorial Day season opening
  • Splash Zone has completed the punch list items for the splash pad portion of the project
  • Endless Summer has replaced the valves at the sand filter for backwashing
  • Pool resurfacing completed on time for 2019 Memorial Day season opening

Next Steps

  • Finalize swimming pool punch list items during season winterization

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