Primary Service Area (PSA)

Primary Service Area Development
The Primary Service Area (PSA) defines areas presently provided with public water, sewer and high levels of other public services, as well as areas expected to receive such services over the next 20 years. Most residential, commercial, and industrial development will occur within the PSA. Development outside of the PSA is strongly discouraged. Public utility sites, easements, and facilities are not shown on the Land Use Map; however, it is the intent of the Comprehensive Plan that any development of these sites, easements, and facilities, inside or outside the PSA, be subject to individualized review under §15.2-2232 of the Code of Virginia.

Promoting efficiency in the delivery of public facilities and services through land use planning and timing development is an important concept. The PSA concept encourages efficient use of public facilities and services, avoids overburdening such facilities and services, helps ensure facilities and services are available where and when needed, increases public benefit per dollar spent, promotes public health and safety through improved emergency response time, and minimizes well and septic failures.