Grices Run

Stream Restoration - March 2022

Scope of Work

The Grices Run Stream Restoration will stabilize erosion in an area of the County which has highly erodible soils and uncontrolled runoff from upstream development that was created prior to stormwater management regulations (see attached Existing Conditions photos). The project includes two unnamed tributaries to Grices Run flowing directly into the James River (see attached location map). Reach 1 is a 950-linear-foot channel beginning at a culvert under Columbia Drive and located east of Endeavor Drive. Reach 2 is a 260-linear-foot channel located east of James River Elementary School, near the side parking lot. The goal of the design is to create a channel with a stable pattern, profile and dimension, and stabilize actively eroding banks. Natural channel design principles were utilized to develop the limits for the design. Streambank stabilization structures will be employed in the stream restoration. Invasive plants will be removed and replaced with native trees, shrubs, and herbaceous vegetation. All necessary permits and/or approvals have been obtained for this project.

Environmental Quality Resources, LLC (EQR) was the low bidder at $392,199 which is well within budget. EQR has performed satisfactory work for James City County in the past and the contract award was approved at the Jan. 26, 2021, Board of Supervisors meeting. This project is part of the approved Capital Improvements Program budget and up to $396,000 of Virginia Environmental Endowment matching grant funds, which are part of the James River Water Quality Improvement Fund are available to fund this project. Work began in April 2021 and is anticipated to be substantially completed in August 2021. Conditions in Reach 2 were significantly worse than in Reach 1 due to steep slopes and groundwater intrusion. While Reach 2 conditions are not beyond those to be anticipated in stream restoration it took some modifications in the contractor’s team and supervision to overcome the groundwater and restricted access. Substantial completion was achieved in mid-October 2021. Planting of woody plants was completed in February 2022 during the appropriate planting season.


  • Design/Bidding - Winter 2021
  • Construction - Spring-Fall 2021


  • Environmental Quality Resources, LLC - $401,370 
  • Current payout and percent completed - $368,295 - 92%
  • Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. – Contract Amount - $176,352
  • Current payout and percent completed - $155,675 - 88%
  • Additional Project Component Expenses - $15,236


  • Incorporate geotechnical field investigation results into the design plans
  • Temporary and Permanent Easement acquisitions within the project area
  • Site Plan Approved Dec. 2021
  • Complete Bidding Phase and obtain Board of Supervisors approval for contract award
  • Construction Phase beginning April 2021
  • Substantial Completion Oct. 2021
  • Planting of woody plants Feb. 2022

Next Steps

  • 1-year warranty inspection January 2023
  • Annual monitoring of stream stability and vegetative growth for three years
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