According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, domestic violence is not limited to heterosexual relationships (PDF) and can affect individuals of all sexual orientations and genders. Within the LGBTQ community, intimate partner violence occurs at a rate equal to or even higher than that of the heterosexual community.

LGBTQ individuals may experience unique forms of intimate partner violence (PDF) as well as distinctive barriers to seeking help due to fear of discrimination or bias.  These barriers are in addition to commonly known barriers of victims’ willingness to report such crimes, including fear of being “outed”, criminal and response systems inadequately prepared to sensitively handle reports, fear of phobias and biases against the LGBTQ community, and lack of access to or knowledge of LGBTQ-friendly resources for assistance.

Local Assistance

  • LGBT Life Center (Norfolk):
  • Samaritan House (Virginia Beach):
    757-430-2120 (24-hour hotline)
  • Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance LGBTQ Helpline:
    866-356-6998 (24-hour hotline)
  • Centering Historically Oppressed Communities

National Assistance

  • National Domestic Violence Hotline:
    800-799-7233 (24-hour hotline)
  • The Network/La Red Hotline:
    800-832-1901 (24-hour hotline)

LGBTQ+ Resources