Exploring Our Future Alternatives Assembly

Instructions and QuestionnaireNeighborhood graphic_ColorEngage 2045 now enters the “Alternative Futures” phase of the planning process and builds off the public input priorities developed last fall. This work will use maps and data to show different outcomes for James City County, depending on whether the community pursues current trends or new path.

Learn about these alternative futures and share your opinions by participating in the online Exploring Our Future Alternatives Assembly. We will also explore our current County goals and hear your ideas about how to update them to achieve our new vision. Join our Facebook event page for the most up to date information about the event: jamescitycountyva.gov/engage2045/assembly.

Ways to Participate:

  • View the recorded broadcast (below) and complete the online questionnaires from Aug. 10 - Sep. 2. Read the instructions below.
  • You can request paper questionnaires or assistance with computer/internet access by calling the James City County Planning Division through September 2 at 757-253-6685 or planning@jamescitycountyva.gov 

Questionnaire Instructions

We need your input on two very important questionnaires to shape the County's plan for the future.

The process for building James City County's next comprehensive plan is progressing. However, now, more than ever in these times of public health concerns when we are not able to hold public meetings in person, we need you to respond thoughtfully to these questionnaires so that your voice can be counted. The more residents participate in the planning process, the more the plan will reflect our community's shared vision for our future. The Exploring Our Future Alternatives Assembly was held on August 10th and can be watched in the video below. Please watch the video before answering these questionnaires as it contains important information for competing the questionnaires. 

You will find descriptions and instructions for each questionnaire below. 

1. Establishing Our Goals Questionnaire

Our 2045 Comprehensive Plan will be built around goals that express the vision for our County's long-term future. Once established, these goals will help to drive the County's policies and actions in the years ahead. We need your help to ensure that the goals established for 2045 reflect our community's priorities. 

Please read the information in the questionnaire carefully and then tell us if you believe each goal should be retained in the 2045 Comprehensive Plan or if it should be changed or eliminated. There is also an opportunity for you to suggest new priorities or goals. 

2. Exploring Our Future Alternatives Questionnaire

How do we go about Exploring Future Alternatives? Based on the public input received in the first phase of this process, the County planning team has developed two planning scenarios to help us understand possible effects of alternative policies on our community's future. The questionnaire will show you how these scenarios look and what their impacts may be and will ask you how you feel about each. Here are short descriptions of the scenarios: 

Scenario A. Trend

Scenario A is based on a continuation of current trends in growth, development and land use. Key features of this scenario include: 

  • Current land use trends and development patterns continue;
  • Single family development and retail centers are dispersed;
  • Protection of rural areas is encouraged but some level of development of Rural Lands (areas outside the Primary Services Area) continues.

Scenario B. Alternate

Scenario B is based on public input received that called for an alternative to current trends. It is based on what we heard in the citizen surveys and public meetings conducted in 2019 and includes key features such as:

  • Rural lands outside the Primary Service Area are used primarily for rural and agricultural purposes instead of development;
  • There are more protections for rural lands;
  • There is more focus on infill and redevelopment;
  • Economic development occurs at higher densities in the Primary Service Area but in concert with existing community character


The Exploring Our Future Alternatives Questionnaire uses a MetroQuest survey platform that will walk you through a series of question panels and will give you instructions for each panel. There are also helpful "What to do?" links on the panels in case you need a reminder. You will see maps of each scenario - note there are buttons on the map to zoom in for a closer look. On any of the panels, you can zoom in more by hitting [Control +} on your computer or by using two fingers to zoom in on your mobile device.

At the end are a handful of questions about you to make sure we are getting a representative range of the County population. Remember to submit your questions at the end so your responses are recorded and don't exit out of the questionnaire before you are done as your responses won't be recorded if you don't submit them.

*********Below you will find the link to the questionnaires*********

1. Establishing Our Goals Questionnaire

2. Exploring Our Future Alternatives Questionnaire

We appreciate your valuable input! If you have any other questions about the questionnaires or any other questions about Engage 2045, feel free to contact County staff:

Email: Planning@jamescitycountyva.gov

Phone: 757-253-6685

Learn More

Podcast Interview

Listen to the August 4 episode of This Week in James City County interviews about Exploring Our Future Alternatives. https://soundcloud.com/jamescitycounty/engage-2045-august-update


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