Scammers are taking advantage of fears surrounding COVID-19. Make sure you and your family members are familiar with these new scams.


  • COVID-19 Tests
  • COVID-19 Treatments
  • COVID-19 Vaccines
  • Demanding immediate payment to avoid utility shut off
  • Requesting your personal information in order for you to receive your stimulus check or other financial relief
  • Selling of fraudulent hand sanitizers and/or medical supplies
  • Offering work-at-home schemes

As many children are now transitioning to online schooling, it is a good time to talk with your child about internet safety. The FBI has issued a release warning parents about the increased risk of child exploitation.

Unfortunately, scammers have not stopped their routine tactics either. For more information about common scams (not related to COVID-19), please visit the Police Department’s Fraud Alert page.


If you are unsure about a request or an offer that you receive, please contact JCCPD at 757-566-0112 before providing any personal/financial information or payment.