Future Land Use Map Designation Changes

About the Future Land Use Map

The Future Land Use Map proposed-changes tool asks for your comments on future land use map changes being considered during the Engage 2045 planning update. This tool builds on input provided in previous rounds of Engage 2045 public engagement. Find background information and instructions for how to comment further down the page, or begin commenting by clicking the map below. Comments collected will be entered into record and shared with the Board of Supervisors for the July 13, 2021 public hearing.

Public Engagement

Round 1 asked participants to provide input on how different “place types” should look and feel.  Participant input on these place-types was used to build two alternate future land use scenarios for Round 2.

Round 2 asked participants to compare the two scenarios from Round 1  and select their preferred land-use patterns between the scenarios. Participants also provided input on updating the comprehensive plan goals.

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Round 3 built off the preferences for place types and future land patterns from prior rounds. The County gathered public input on specific applications for Land Use Designation changes. The County’s Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission Working Group, and staff reviewed this community feedback, as well as feedback from previous rounds, as they considered these applications for Land Use designation changes. 

Round 4 continued to accept public comment on Land Use Designation changes through to the adoption of the comprehensive plan by the Board of Supervisors, scheduled for July 13, 2021. Prior to the Board of Supervisors meeting, all comments on Land Use designation changes gathered from February 24, 2021 to June 24, 2021 were provided for consideration by the Planning Commission at the public hearing on June 24, 2021. 

Learn more about the Engage 2045 community feedback collected during Rounds 1, 2, and 3.

About Land Use Designations

Land Use designations are used to determine what kind of growth will occur in the County and where. They are policy designations that help guide changes to, and the implementation of, development regulations. They help the County make long-term decisions about infrastructure, road improvements, and public facility locations. Land Use designations are also used when the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors consider certain kinds of development proposals, such as rezoning and special use permits. 

Applications to change Land Use designations are accepted during the process to update the County’s Comprehensive Plan. The deadline to apply for a Land Use designation change expired on June 9, 2020. Planning staff is currently reviewing 27 applications for land use designation changes. Of these 27, three were initiated by property owners and are noted in green on the map. The remaining 24 were initiated by the County (either by staff as noted in blue on the map or by the Planning Commission Working Group members as noted in red on the map). Each of these applications can be examined and commented on by clicking on the map below the instructions. 

Other resources:

View the FAQ page for more information. 

View a overview location map (PDF) of the land use designations under consideration.

View a spreadsheet (PDF) with all land use application information, including rationale for the proposed changes.


Access the proposed Future Land Use Map designation changes by viewing the ESRI Story Map platform below. The top panel includes contact information if you have questions. The middle panel allows the user to click through the individual Land Use applications. Review the specific requested changes in the box located on the left. A map to the right shows the location of the requested change and can be zoomed in and out of using the “+” and “-“ features or with the scroll bar of your mouse. The bottom panel allows the user to scroll quickly through the 27 applications. 

Please review each of the requested Land Use changes, consider how each change might or might not be aligned with your vision for the County, and provide your comments for or against this change by clicking on one of the “Click to Provide Comment” links on the left content box or the right map window.

Remember to submit your comments so your responses are recorded. 

Click on the map below to begin.

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