Columbia Drive

Restoration Project – August 2020

Scope of Work

The Columbia Drive Restoration Project, located in the James River Commerce Center, will provide repairs and improvements necessary for acceptance of the road by the Virginia Department of Transportation. The project will include stormwater structure repairs, asphalt repairs, concrete V-ditch repairs, and other work required by the State. Under the current circumstances, a potential buyer of the available industrial property fronting Columbia Drive would be responsible for maintaining Columbia Drive as a private road, making the properties less attractive to industrial prospects. Furthermore, any potential subdivision of the available property is limited by the fact that Columbia Drive is not yet a public street, as County Code requires subdivided parcels to have access to a public street.


  • Project Out for Bid  – Oct. 2019
  • Bids Received – Nov. 2019 – Henry S. Branscome low bidder
  • Contract approved by BOS – December 2019
  • Initiate Construction –  Feb. 2020
  • Project Duration – Approximately 12 weeks
  • Completion date is dependent on weather conditions*


  • Estimated Budget - $174,450
  • Henry S. Branscome Jr. Inc. – 100% Complete
  • Contract payments and percent completed - $174,450 – 100%


  • Dec. 2019 – Contract awarded
  • Notice to Proceed issued for Feb. 17, 2020
  • Site work completed
  • Right-of-Way plat approved by VDOT
  • VDOT accepted road/stormwater infrastructure repairs

Next Steps

  • Pending BOS action to transfer road to VDOT – Sept. 2020

Project Issues

  • None