Timeline & Process

The update to the County’s Comprehensive Plan, Engage 2045 has proceeded over the past two years in a series of phases that allow for multiple opportunities to check in, learn about the plan and provide input and comments.

Engage 2045 Timeline

The timeline shows the five project phases that proceed from “Laying the Foundation” in the first phase through “Implementation” in the last phase.  At the same time, there are four broad rounds to the community engagement process that track with the project phases.  These engagement aspects include:

  • Listening/Envisioning – learning about the plan and process and providing input into the county’s long-range vision for the future
  • Exploring/Testing – exploring various alternative scenarios for the county’s future growth and change
  • Deciding/Affirming – evaluating the features of each alternative scenario to affirm the preferred future direction for the county
  • Planning/Implementing – building the elements of the comprehensive plan based on the vision and the preferred future direction

Throughout the process, there have been multiple rounds of public engagement activities, including public meetings, website updates, questionnaires and outreach events in each round of engagement.  For the remaining project phase, citizens are invited to review draft chapters of the plan,  share comments on the draft chapters, and watch/attend the October 26, 2021 Board of Supervisors meeting where they will discuss the draft plan.