Amblers House

Restoration Project - April 2021

Scope of Work

The Amblers House Restoration Project (formerly known as the Vermillion House), located at 2205 Jamestown Road, will repair the exterior features of the historic home which have fallen into disrepair. The proposed exterior restoration measures have been reviewed by the Department of Historic Resources to maintain the property listing on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register. The proposed restoration will include repairs to the slate roof, cleaning and repairing the brick veneer and chimneys, repairing the original windows, replacing the storm windows, adding handrails to entry points, reconstruction of the deck area on the flat roof over the kitchen, removal of asbestos in the basement, gutter replacement and painting. There are two outbuildings on the property, which are not included in this restoration project.


  • Construction - May 2019


  • Exterior Restoration Improvements - $500,000 Estimated
  • Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc. – Contract Amount - $498,731.70
  • Current payout and percent completed - $498,731.70 - 100%
  • Additional Project Component Expenses - $8,044.83


  • VDHR review of proposed exterior restoration materials and practices approved
  • Board of Supervisors Contract Award to Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc. on Nov. 13, 2018
  • Preconstruction kick-off meeting held
  • Lead and asbestos abatement completed and manifest documentation submitted to DEQ
  • Substantial completion of the exterior restoration
  • Final Completion of the exterior restoration and warranty items addressed

Next Steps

  • Investigate options for a private entity partnership to restore the interior and utilize the facility
  • Investigate options for utility upgrades