Warhill Sports Complex

Artificial Turf Replacement, Repair, and Maintenance – July 2019

Scope of Work

The Warhill Sports Complex artificial turf replacement project will provide improved playing surfaces to the existing 7 artificial turf fields. The location of these fields consists of 6 fields stationed opposite the Warhill Indoor Sports Complex and the seventh field located within Wanner Stadium. The infrastructure upgrades will include site work to the aggregate base of all 7 fields. The replacement of the artificial turf playing surfaces is for all seven fields. Infill materials currently being used on the existing fields will be removed, filtered, and tested for reuse into the replacement artificial turf. The 6 fields located together will be expanded include added areas for goal placement and common areas. A layer of infield material named Cool Play will be added to all fields which will aid in the reduction of surface temperatures. Fields will have sewn in lines for football, field hockey, soccer and lacrosse.


  • Project mobilization and lay down yard setup to begin Nov. 19, 2018
  • 6 fields, not including Wanner Stadium, will begin artificial turf removal week of Nov. 19, 2018
  • Wanner Stadium artificial turf removal to begin mid-December 2018
  • Project completion date - March 2019


  • Synthetic turf replacement and additional areas installed - $2,895,737.64
  • Percent completed - 100%


  • Conceptual design - Complete
  • Site plan approval (maintenance only) - Complete
  • Bid solicitation/award of construction contract - Complete
  • Pre-construction meeting with contractor - Complete
  • Location for placement E&S controls - Complete
  • Location of private utilities
  • Removal of fencing and construction of stone ramps to minimize damage to sidewalks
  • Construction progress meetings on Dec. 4 and Dec. 18, 2018
  • All original turf has been removed from all seven fields
  • The installation of new Field Turf ore has begun on 3 of the fields
  • All drainage and aggregate has been installed in the common areas in between the 6 fields
  • All Field Turf Core has been installed, including all inlays have been sewn in
  • All crumb rubber and cool play have been installed
  • All goals have been returned to the fields
  • All fields have been groomed and inspected and deemed safe for play

Project Issues

  • All previous project issues have been resolved and repaired - March 2019