Grove Area

Drainage & Roadway Improvements - October 2021

Scope of Work

This project proposes to widen existing travel lanes to the minimum standard for sections of the road network within the Grove residential neighborhood and to address historic drainage and flooding issues in the area. The project addresses deficient pavement width through the addition of new asphalt pavement and alleviates roadway drainage issues by reestablishing ditch grades and driveway culverts. In addition, new storm drain pipes will be installed to increase flow capacity under roads and to connect ditches that do not have an existing outfall or are very poorly drained. Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Revenue Sharing funds have been applied to help fund the project.


  • Complete engineering design – Winter 2021
  • Utility Relocation/Easement Acquisition – Winter/Spring 2022
  • Advertise Project – Summer 2022
  • Initiate construction – Summer 2022
  • Project completion – Summer 2023


  • Estimated budget – $1,173,700
  • New Estimate (May 2020) based on increased Scope of Project - $1,801,600
  • New Estimate (Oct. 2020) based on increased Scope of Project - $1,909,000
  • New Estimate (Oct. 2021) based on increased scope and materials cost - $2,420,000
  • Draper Aden Associates – $123,900
  • Contract payments and percent completed – $97,732 (79%)


  • Scope of project increased in May 2020 – new estimate in review
  • Pending funding approval for increased scope
  • Scope of project increased in Oct. 2020 – new estimate in review
  • 90% Submittal complete Oct. 2021 - in review by County and VDOT

Next Steps

  • Complete plans based on agency comments
  • Review drainage easement requirements

Project Issues

  • Need to acquire permanent easement for work on private property
  • Multiple utility relocations will be required
  • Increased project scope has increased project costs

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