Woodland Farms

Phase II Stream Restoration - April 2019

Scope of Work

The Woodland Farms Phase II Stream Restoration project will restore approximately 2,385 linear feet of degraded stream channel within the Taskinas Creek - York River watershed within James City County, promoting long-term stability and function. This project includes the stabilization of the channel and establishment of a new floodplain elevation within the existing eroded channel and/or reconnection of the channel to the original floodplain elevation. 

These improvements will restore and enhance the non-tidal stream and tributary while improving drainage infrastructure and protecting property by reducing erosion in an area of the County which has highly erodible soils. In addition, by restoring the stream channel, nutrients and sediment contributed by active erosion will be reduced in downstream receiving waters. Easement acquisition from private property owners is taking longer than expected.


  • Design/Bidding - Spring 2019
  • Construction - Summer/Fall 2019


  • Stormwater Restoration Improvements - $1.3 M Estimated
  • Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. – Contract Amount - $214,263
  • Current payout and percent completed - $161,285 – 75%
  • Additional Project Component Expenses - $20,996.40


  • Site Plan Submittal to regulatory agencies on October 18, 2017

Next Steps

  • Amend plans and site plan approval from all regulatory agencies
  • Incorporate geotechnical field investigation results into the design plans
  • Temporary and Permanent Easement acquisitions within the project area
  • Complete Bidding Phase and obtain Board of Supervisor approval for contract award
  • Construction Phase

Project Area