James City County Marina Fees

Please note: A convenience fee of 2.95% is applied to all credit and debit card transactions made to any James City County department. Parks & Recreation patrons will notice the 2.95% fee as an additional charge on their receipt. The convenience fee is non-refundable and is not recovered upon request of a refund. Customers can pay by check, money order or in cash to avoid the fee. For more information on the fee, please call the Treasurer’s Office at 757-253-6705.

Boat Launch Fees

Boat Ramp Resident  Non-Resident
Boat Ramp (Daily)* $5 $8
Boat Ramp (12-month) $75 $113
Boat Ramp - Canoe/Kayak/SUP $2 $3
Paddle Craft Launch Area in the Cove (Canoe/Kayak/SUP) Free Free

Self-Pay Option: 

Please visit the Marina store to pay your launch fee. If the store is closed, payment is due on an Honor System: 

  1.  Take one payment envelope from the mailbox located at the top of the boat ramp.
  2.  Write today’s date and your vehicle’s license plate number on the payment envelope and hang tag.
  3.  Check the box to identify your residency status and enclose the appropriate fee amount in the       payment envelope.
  4. Tear off the hang tag from the envelope and hang it on your rearview mirror. The hang tag is your payment receipt and should face outward so park staff may determine payment status.
  5. Seal and deposit your payment envelope in the drop box also located at the top of the boat ramp.

If you need assistance or have comments or concerns, please visit the Marina store during operating hours. 

*Permits for the use of public park and recreational facilities may be required by the Director of Parks & Recreation. Where permits are required, no person shall engage in or make use of any park and recreational facility without first paying for same and adhering to the rules and regulations governing use of James City County Marina.  

Paddle Craft Rentals and Reservations

If you prefer a quiet paddle along historic Powhatan Creek, the James City County Marina is your kayak rental destination. Paddle the waterways where Captain John Smith and others traveled as they settled on Jamestown Island.

Guidelines for Use:

  • Renters must be age 18 or older, or have a guardian age 18 or older sign a waiver. Children age 15 and younger must be accompanied by a guardian age 18 or older. Children ages 5 - 12 permitted only on a tandem kayak with a guardian age 18 or older.
  • Rentals will be suspended if there is thunder and/or lightning 30 minutes prior to the rental period or if there's a small craft advisory.
  • Photo identification is required for rentals.  
  • Tandem kayaks seat up to two (2) adults and one (1) child age five and younger.
  • Fishing from paddle craft is prohibited.
  • Alcohol is prohibited on paddle craft.

Paddle Craft Rentals

Rental Resident Non-Resident
Single Kayak/SUP (Hourly) $6 $9
Single Kayak/SUP (Full-Day) $20 $30
Tandem Kayak/Canoe (Hourly) $10 $15
Tandem Kayak/Canoe (Full-Day) $35 $50

Bike Rentals and Reservations

The James City County Marina’s close proximity to the Colonial Parkway, Historic Jamestowne, Jamestown Beach Event Park and the Virginia Capital Trail  make it the perfect location to start a leisurely bike ride. Take a ride on the Colonial Parkway to the Yorktown Battlefield and back, a great opportunity for a long bike ride along the scenic James and York rivers. Trek Hybrid, Comfort and kids bikes are available to rent year-round.  Bike rentals are available daily 8 a.m. until 1.5 hours before the Marina Store closes, or otherwise posted, and may be reserved up to 30 days in advance. Renter's must arrive on time or risk losing their reservation. The reservation will be held for 15 minutes. Please call 757-565-3699 for more information.

Bike Rental Fees

Rental Resident Non-resident 
Standard Bike Rental (hourly) $8 $10
Standard Bike Rental (full-day) $25 $35
Tandem Bike Rental (hourly) $10 $15
Tandem Bike Rental (full-day) $35 $50
Trailer Bike Rental (full-day) $5 $10
E-Bike Rental (hourly) $20 $20
E-Bike Rental (half-day) $70 $70
E-Bike Rental (full-day) $100 $100

Boat Storage Fees (Effective January 1, 2023)

Rental Daily (Transient) Monthly Annual
Uncovered Boat Slip Only* See Below $210 $2,100
Uncovered Boat Slip + Dry Storage See Below $260 $2,600
Uncovered Boat Slip Only (30-AMP) (Slips: 9-14) N/A $215 $2,150
Uncovered Boat Slip + Dry Storage (30-AMP) (Slips: 9-14)  N/A $265 $2,650
Jet Ski Slip only N/A $100 $1,000
Jet Ski Slip + Dry Storage N/A $150 $1,500
Dry Storage (Boat and/or Trailer only) * See Below $100 $1,000
Uncovered Boat Slip Only, Transient: March-October* $15 N/A N/A
Uncovered Boat Slip Only, Transient: November-Feb.* $15 $210 N/A
Uncovered Boat Slip + Dry Storage, Transient: March- Oct.* $22.50 N/A N/A
Uncovered Boat Slip + Dry Storage, Transient: Nov.-Feb.* $22.50 $260 N/A
Dry Storage Only, Transient: March-October $15 N/A N/A
Dry Storage Only, Transient: November-February $15 $100 N/A

Transient Boat Storage 

  • Transient boat slips and/or dry storage reservations are limited to 30 days within a 45-day period, March through October. There's no limit November through February. 
  • The transient fee must be paid prior to occupying the boat slip and/or dry storage. 
    • If a prepaid reservation is cancelled prior to the start date of the reservation, a refund will be issued less a 10% administrative fee. 
    • If a prepaid reservation is cancelled after the start of the reservation, a prorated refund will be issued less a 10% administrative fee. 
    • If the reservation is not prepaid, the reservation will be cancelled at the beginning of second day of the reservation if the reserving party is a no show.
  • Transient reservations are good through December 31 of the calendar year.  New reservations start January 1 of the following calendar year.
  • If a transient boat slip is not reserved, boaters (day users) may dock temporarily in the vacant transient slip to visit Billsburg Brewery—there is no fee for day use. Day use dockers must remove their boat prior to Billsburg Brewery closing each day.  If an unregistered boat is docked in a transient slip the following day, the daily transient fee plus a $5 per day late fee will be assessed each day until the boat is moved. 
  • Please call 757-565-3699 for more information.

Paddle Craft Storage Fees

Rental Fee
Monthly $20
Annually $200

Paddle Craft Storage:

  • Storage fee shall be for one assigned outdoor storage space per paddle craft.
  • Agreements end on December 31 each year and must be renewed annually to keep the storage space.
  • Payments are due on or before the first day of each month, or payments may be paid in a lump sum through the contract year or any number of months desired.  Payments received after the first day of the month is considered late.  Late payments will incur a $5/day late fee until the monthly fee plus late fees are paid. 
  • James City County is not responsible responsible for loss of or damage to paddle craft, regardless of how loss or damage occurred. The paddle craft owner is responsible for properly securing their paddle craft.

Please call 757-565-3699 for more information.