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Preventative Tools, Tech & Applications

This page provides a brief summary of available technology resources aimed towards preventing intimate partner violence crimes and helping survivors feel safer. For a complete explanation regarding resources mentioned on this webpage, please visit the individual resource websites for more information.

Please note that unless specified by the manufacturer, the tools, tech, or apps listed do not replace contacting 911 for immediate emergencies.  The James City County Alliance on Violence Against Women does not endorse any particular resource mentioned on this webpage, they are provided for informational purposes only.

Circle of 6

Circle of 6 is fast, easy-to-use and private. Originally designed for college students to prevent sexual violence, we also know it’s handy for teenagers, parents, friends or all communities seeking to foster healthy relationships and safety.

Navy Domestic Violence Prevention

The Navy Domestic Violence Prevention app is designed to provide Sailors with anytime, anywhere access to both training and resources about Domestic Violence and to be an additional GMT tool.

SafeTrek - Hold Until Safe

SafeTrek enables you to be proactive about your safety by bridging the gap between doing nothing and calling 911 in a potentially unsafe situation.


The Bsafe app is a personal safety alarm that sends an emergency message to your chosen contacts with the push of a single button. The free version allows you to set up a safety net of "guardians" who can respond to your SOS text message; one guardian you designate will receive a phone call. Monthly/Annual subscription provides additional features.


Are you unsure of how healthy your relationship is? The MyPlan app was created to allow users to assess the situation that you’re in, judge the level of healthiness of your relationship and if it’s unsafe, and to help you to create an action plan. The app is based on two decades of research from Johns Hopkins, who studied women in abusive relationships to understand how abusive relationships played out for victims. The app is anonymous and protected by a pin number, so that only you can access the information there. You can then take the Danger Assessment to see if your relationship is at risk, which can then lead you to their Planning Tool and resource guide so that you can be prepared and learn more about abusive relationships. MyPlan also recommends that you refer a friend who you think may be in trouble, and it is designed to be able to be used collaboratively, if you so choose.

Samsung Safety Assistance Feature

Available for Samsung S5 and S6 android phones; it’s an emergency tool that will alert up to four predetermined contacts when you sound the alarm.
Reach Out app

Reach Out 

Available to more than 2,300 colleges and universities across the country, Reach Out offers sexual assault survivors a well of campus-specific resources, including counseling, advocate and health services; information on Title IX administrators and reporting processes; as well as a list of nearby medical centers and support hotlines.  All of it is laid out in an easy-to-navigate format, organized by subject.

Wearable Safety Techs

Athena by ROAR

The Athena pendant-like button device can be worn as a necklace or clipped anywhere to your person, and “emits a loud alarm and messages family and friends with your location” when activated. At just an ounce in weight and the size of a half-dollar, Athena is inconspicuous protection that you can carry anywhere.
Athena by ROAR


This Safelet bracelet combines personal security with GPS location to connect you to your loved ones in an emergency. From the bracelet, you can dial an emergency telephone number as well provide your location to family and friends. The bracelet connects to your smartphone via a low-powered Bluetooth technology, so it won’t drain your phone battery; leaving your phone available in an emergency.
Safelet bracelet photo- 2019