Fire Marshal


The Fire Marshal's Office is comprised of a dedicated team, including a full-time Fire Marshal, three Assistant Fire Marshals, one part-time Fire Inspector, several on-call Assistant Fire Marshals, and one Community Risk Reduction Coordinator.


Responsibilities of the Fire Marshal's Office encompass a range of tasks, such as conducting fire prevention and safety inspections in public buildings and businesses, investigating fires and potential threats of burning or bombing, implementing community risk reduction programs, evaluating site and subdivision plans for emergency access and fire hydrant locations, and providing support to the Police Department SWAT Team through tactical medics.

Law and Code Enforcement

The Fire Marshal and Assistant Fire Marshals are law enforcement officers with specialized training, enabling them to conduct thorough investigations into arson and related crimes. The Fire Marshal's Office responds to citizen complaints or concerns regarding fire hazards, open burning, and fireworks. Fire marshals enforce the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code.