Human Services Center

Partial Renovation - October 2019

Scope of Work

The James City County Human Services Center was originally opened in 1985 and is in need of renovations. The renovations include a complete roof replacement of the asphalt shingle roof, electrical panel upgrades, improved lighting, HVAC upgrades and renovation of finishes, doors and furnishings in the central portion of the building which comprises the public access/waiting area. Improvements to bring more of the building up to current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements are also being made, focusing mainly on the public restroom facilities.

Status of Project

The Board of Supervisors awarded the contract at the February 9, 2016 meeting. A notice to proceed was issued April 4, 2016 at the pre-construction meeting. The project under the general contractor’s scope is substantially complete with noted punch list items including improperly installed gutters, electrical work not completed per plan and restroom tile grout needing to be reworked. Some minor work under separate contract remains to replace the deteriorated soffits above the main doors. Removal of paper-faced insulation from the Social Services and Olde Towne Medical wing attics is complete. Delays in submittals, material deliveries and the need to replace incorrect work has pushed the likely final completion date well beyond April 2017. The contractor refused to complete the punch list of deficiencies and James City County is contracting with other contractors to complete the work with the balance in the project account. That work is now complete.


  • Construction Phase - 98% Complete


  • $2.1 million approved
  • Haley Builders - $1,253,685
  • Contract amount and percent completed - $1,126,027 - 90%
  • Damuth/Trane - $464,164
  • Contract amount and percent completed - $464,164 - 100%
  • Hopke and Associates, Inc. - $79,367
  • Contract amount and percent completed - $79,367 - 100%
  • TAM Consultants, Inc. - $75,644
  • Contract amount and percent completed - $75,644 - 100%
  • ECS Mid-Atlantic - $4,159
  • Contract amount and percent completed - $4,159 - 100%


  • Design complete
  • Bid documents complete
  • Contract awarded
  • Construction underway
  • Complete asbestos abatement
  • Repair existing mechanical room trusses
  • Complete HVAC replacement
  • Removed and replaced loose soldier courses on medical wing
  • Phase 1 Multipurpose room, Lounge and Auditorium complete
  • Complete roofing and gutters
  • Finish Phases 2 and 4 Waiting Area renovation
  • Finish Phase 5 Bathroom renovation
  • Finish Phase 3 Entrance renovation

Next Steps

  • Project is substantially complete and punch lists are being prepared.
  • Contract with separate contractors to complete the punch list deficiencies.

Project Issues

  • Performing renovations in an occupied building
  • Phased renovation
  • Previously unexposed structural damage to the building from overloaded trusses
  • Loose brick in soldier courses in medical wing
  • Late, incomplete submittals
  • Slow deliveries
  • Work needing to be redone