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Submeter Registration Form

  1. Is this a (Please register each submeter separately)

  2. (New Irrigation Systems only).

  3. This 7 or 8 digit number without letters is found on the submeter's lid or metal housing.

  4. Units of measure (as indicated on the face of the submeter) and reading format.

  5. Cubic Feet

  6. Cubic feet reading format

  7. Gallons

  8. Gallons reading format

  9. Hose Bibb

  10. Hose bibb reading format

  11. Select one:

  12. A current Backflow Inspection must be submitted with your submeter registration form in order for the submeter to be activated and for you to receive a submeter credit.

  13. Hose-Bibb Meters are not accepted by HRSD for Wastewater Treatment Deductions!

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