Efficient water use is becoming increasingly important in James City County and around the nation. Ours is one of the fastest growing localities in Virginia, but our groundwater supply is limited. That’s why we must use our water wisely.

It could be the groundwater, energy, or money you save, or one of the host of other reasons that is specific to the rebated item and your situation. We will give you plenty of reasons to use our rebates, but the first and foremost is common to them all.

Protecting Our Groundwater Resources

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that depleting groundwater aquifers, such as James City County’s, can put water supplies, human health, and the environment at serious risk. Lower water levels can lead to higher concentrations of natural contaminants, such as radon and arsenic. Using water more efficiently helps maintain supplies at safe levels, protecting human health and the environment.

In order to save additional water, consider indoor and outdoor water conservation techniques and other rebates from our Let’s Be WaterSmart program including mulching and drought tolerant plant selection, reduction of turf and irrigation area, and installation of WaterSense and EnergyStar labeled products such as faucets, landscape irrigation services, showerheads, and appliances. Visit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense or EnergyStar websites for more information.


All rebate applicants and installation addresses must be a JCSA residential water customer with a current account balance. All rebate requests must be submitted and received within 180 days of purchase and installation. Please consult the individual Rebate Forms for additional requirements.
  1. Indoor
  2. Outdoor
Indoor Water Use
Of the 69 gallons that the average North American resident uses indoors per day, toilets are by far the greatest consumers. Accounting for 27% of indoor water use, toilets are also a major source of water waste due to leaks and inefficiency. After toilets, the highest indoor water consumers are washing machines (22%), showers (17%), and then dishwashers (about 14% including pre-rinsing). To reduce these uses, JCSA offers the following rebates along with a rebate for ‘on demand’ hot water recirculators to minimize the time you wait for hot water at your shower or tap.