Emergency Management

Emergency Management staff is here to help you prepare for community-wide emergencies and provide coordination of key infrastructure and resources during and incident.

Local Radio

  • BACK FM 107.9
  • TIDE FM 92.3
  • WMBG AM 740

Local TV

  • WAVY 10
  • WVEC 13
  • WTKR 3
  • FOX 43
  1. Community Emergency Response Team

    The James City County Emergency Response Team (JCC CERT) Program educates people about emergency preparedness for hazards and emergencies that may impact their area, and trains them in basic emergency response skills.

  2. JCC Alert

    JCC Alert is now part of the CodeRED network which enables James City County officials to quickly deliver emergency alerts and notifications. JCC Alert allows individuals and businesses to provide their own contact information allowing everyone to control how they receive emergency notifications.

  3. Power Outages

    Power outages can be triggered by many conditions or circumstances. Weather is the leading cause, such as strong winds, lightning and ice storms. However, people and animals can also cause power outages.

  4. Preparedness Resources

    What does your household need to do to be ready for an emergency? Now is the time to get started.