Design & Acceptance Criteria

The JCSA Design and Acceptance Criteria for Water Distribution and Sanitary Sewer Systems complements the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission Regional Construction Standards and the JCSA Special Provisions to the Regional Construction Standards. All standards are to be followed in the construction of all water distribution and sanitary sewer systems unless otherwise authorized by the General Manager. 
Design Criteria Manual Cover
Water Conservation Agreements
Most rezoning and special use permit applications include proffers or conditions to address water conservation practices to be incorporated into the proposed development to reduce water consumption. These include water efficient landscaping, irrigation systems, and indoor appliances. A guidance document Water Conservation Guidelines (PDF) is provided in order to assist in drafting Water Conservation Agreements.

Pre-Construction Courtesy Inspection

The James City Service Authority (JCSA) provides a fee-free Pre-Construction Courtesy Inspection (PDF) to validate existing water and sewer infrastructure prior to contractor occupying the site. This inspection will include all water and sewer infrastructures.

Requesting an Inspection

Building contractors must contact JCSA 2 working days prior to occupying the property with material or equipment. The offer is voided if the site has been occupied, to include clearing, razing, material, or equipment prepositioning, or construction of any kind.