1. Commercial Certificates of Occupancy

    The Uniform Statewide Building Code requires a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) be issued for any new building “prior to any occupancy.”

  2. ePermits

    With ePermit you will be able to apply for permits (building, plumbing, mechanical, gas, electrical, fire suppression/alarm, etc.), verify that a permit has been issued, request inspections, and check the status of your inspections.

  3. Fees

    Read a comprehensive list of miscellaneous permit fees.

  4. Multifamily Residential, Commercial, & Industrial

    Browse the permit procedures for Multifamily Residential/Commercial/Industrial developments.

  5. Single-Family Residential & Duplex

    Obtain the building permit procedures for single family residential developments.

  6. Special Events

    A Special Event Permit is required to hold any outdoor gathering, musical or entertainment festival, parade, or road race as defined in Chapter 14 of the Code of James City County.