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  • Damage Assessment Form (PDF)
    Responsibility: Each volunteer gathers information as they travel from their home en route to the incident command site.
  • Personnel Resources Form (PDF)
    Responsibility: Incident Commander/Scribe. This is used to keep track of all volunteer personnel on scene, including arrival and departure times. This is the personnel accountability form.
  • Incident Command Log (PDF)
    Responsibility: Incident Commander, who may also be the Scribe. Keep track of major events, assignments, official communication to 911, EOC, other significant calls (i.e. to Animal Control.) May be used in very large incidents or with very large teams.
  • Patient Assessment Form (PDF)
    Responsibility: Treatment Area CERT volunteers. Every patient is assessed; this form is completed and maintained as the patient’s condition changes. At some point, we may have actual tags to place on the patient. In the meantime, this form will be used to maintain patient information.
  • Treatment Area Log (PDF) 
    Responsibility: Treatment Area Leader. Patient Assessment forms are kept on every patient including those tagged as green. Treatment Area Leader maintains a log of major events as needed. The log is a summary of what happens in the Treatment Area.
  • Situation Report (PDF)
    When CERT team is activated, 911 is notified first. The EOC is notified immediately afterward. This form summarizes the information required by the EOC as the situation develops. 
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