James City County’s commitment to economic development includes creating and awarding business incentives to both new and expanding businesses. Financial resources are essential to every business, which is why James City County created performance-based programs to attract and grow high-value business projects and promote broad-based prosperity in our community. In addition to the county, the state of Virginia offers a variety of incentives designed to help entrepreneurs and businesses locate and/or expand in James City County.
  1. Local Incentives
  2. State Incentives
  3. Foreign Trade Zones

Enterprise Zone

Two areas within James City County have been designated by the State of Virginia as an Enterprise Zone. The first, located in the southern portion of the County, includes the James River Commerce Center, Green Mount Industrial Park, the Busch Corporate Center and a portion of the SR-60 Corridor. The second zone is located in the northern portion of the County and includes a portion of the Stonehouse Commerce Park, Hankins Industrial Park, Jacobs Industrial Park and a portion of the SR-60 Corridor.

Tourism Zone

In January 2012, the Board of Supervisors adopted a Tourism Zone that encompasses all of James City County. The Tourism Zone allows James City County to support and encourage new and existing tourism business. As part of the County’s continued commitment to this important industry segment and to our existing businesses, the County has established a Tourism Zone. The Zone boundaries include all of James City County and provide incentives to both new and existing qualified businesses. 

Customized Programs

James City County is a pro-business community with a strong commitment to business success. The County offers a number of incentive programs on a case-by-case basis that are tailored to the specific needs of a particular business. For qualified projects, potential programs and/or considerations may include, but are not limited to, fee reductions, taxed-based incentives, an expedited review process and assistance with employee recruitment and training. Additionally, the County will work closely with the State of Virginia on a number of state and local incentive opportunities. James City County businesses also have the opportunity to partner with local educational institutions such as the College of William & Mary and Thomas Nelson Community College.