Community Services Unit

About Us

The Community Services Unit (CSU) focuses on community policing and crime prevention efforts and activities. Our goal is to collaborate with citizens to improve crime prevention effectiveness and improve community-police relationships to reduce and prevent crime.

CSU is comprised of Community Services Officers and a Supervisor. Each officer is responsible for one of five geographical areas of the County (zones 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5). To learn more about the programs and services offered to you and your community, please contact your CSU Officer listed below.

What Zone Do I Live In? (PDF)

AltTextMaster Officer Jamie Lilley
757-603-6027 | Email
Zones 1

AltTextMaster Officer Monique Marchand
757-603-6054 | Email
Zone 2

Master Officer ConnorsMaster Officer Kelly Connors
757-603-6023 | Email
Zone 3

AltTextMaster Police Officer Alan McDowell
757-603-6026 | Email
Zone 4 & 5

AltTextSergeant John LeClaire
757-259-5174 | Email