Teams & Specialty Units

  1. Bike Patrol

    The purpose of the Police Bicycle Patrol program is to enhance community relationships and to provide "directed patrols" in areas where bike patrols may have an impact.

  2. Crisis Negotiation Team

    The Crisis Negotiations Team, or CNT, is a component of the Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics Team.

  3. Highway Safety Task Force

    The Highway Safety Task Force is comprised of officers assigned to patrol shifts or other Units or Divisions within the Department that volunteer to work selective overtime enforcement projects to target highway safety issues such as speeding, drunk driving and occupant protection violations.

  4. Honor Guard

    The Honor Guard was formed in 1996 by 4 officers. In 1998, the unit expanded to 8 officers from within the Department who volunteered to represent the Department through pride, professionalism and dedication.

  5. Motorcycle Unit

    The Motorcycle Unit was formed in 2012. The Unit is utilized as a highly visible tool to promote safe and efficient enforcement of traffic regulations and serve as a community relations tool.

  6. Marine Patrol

    The Marine Patrol Unit was formed in 2005 to provide law enforcement services on the waterways within James City County (JCC) and to provide security for the waterways and shorelines of James City County, surrounding jurisdictions and the Port of Hampton Roads.

  7. SWAT Team

    The mission of the SWAT Team is to provide a well-disciplined, well-trained, efficient unit, which can be utilized by the Chief of Police in situations where the public and individual officers are in extreme danger and at a distinct disadvantage.

  8. Underwater Search & Recovery Team

    The mission of the Underwater Search and Recovery Team is to provide a well-trained, well-equipped, efficient unit which is to be utilized by the Police Chief in situations where divers are required.