Community Emergency Response Team

You can't predict, but you can prepare!

What is JCC-CERT?

The James City County Emergency Response Team (JCC CERT) Program educates people about emergency preparedness for hazards and emergencies that may impact their area, and trains them in basic emergency response skills.

JCC CERT members promote emergency preparedness, provide immediate assistance to victims until emergency responders arrives, give critical support to arriving first responders, and provide help in the immediate period follow an emergency.  JCC CERT enables individuals to help their families, neighbors, and colleagues prepare, respond and recover within their neighborhood and our community. JCC CERT trains residents in skills that can be used at home, in the community, at work, while traveling or anyplace an emergency may occur. 


If any emergency threatens or occurs, do you:
  • Know how to turn off the gas?
  • Know how to safety turn off the power?
  • Know how to administer first aid?
  • Know what actions to take to survive an active shooter situation?
  • Have provisions for living outside your home for a length of time if the structure is compromised or you must evacuate?
  • Have enough supplies, including water, to sustain your family and pets for up to three weeks in a major event?
  • Have enough of the right supplies to survive at your workplace or in your automobile if needed?
In a major emergency, JCC Fire and Law Enforcement may not be able to reach you as quickly as they would otherwise. You must be prepared to take care of yourself wherever you may be – at home, at worship, while shopping, at entertainment venues, in the workplace or while traveling.
JCC CERT proudly serving James City County since 2003