1. Board of Adjustments & Appeals

    The jurisdiction of the Board in acting on any appeal shall include the entire scope of the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code.

  2. Board of Directors

    Find contact information for various members by district and view a list of officers.

  3. Board of Equalization

    The purpose of the Board is to allow property owners an avenue of appeal concerning Real Estate Assessments when an agreement cannot be made with the Real Estate Assessment Division.

  4. Board of Supervisors

  5. Board of Zoning Appeals

    The Board has the jurisdiction to act on appeals of any administrative decision related to the Zoning Ordinance and to grant variances to the ordinance provisions when authorized by law.

  6. Chesapeake Bay Board

    The Board is responsible for ensuring that the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Areas are developed in a manner that protects the water quality of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries by minimizing non-point source pollution into County wetlands, streams, and lakes from uses of land in the County.

  7. Colonial Behavioral Health

    The Board provides overall administration and coordination of mental health, mental retardation, and substance abuse programs.

  8. Colonial Community Criminal Justice Board

    Review the extensive activities and programs of the Colonial Community Criminal Justice Board.

  1. Electoral Board

    The James City County Electoral Board is a 3 member panel appointed by the James City County/Williamsburg Circuit Court Judges, based on nominations from the 2 political parties that received the most votes in the most recent gubernatorial election.

  2. Historic Triangle Bicycle Advisory Board (HTBAC)

    The James City County Board of Supervisors appoints 1 member for a 4-year term. The Board reviews the Regional Bikeways Plan and recommends implementation of specific bikeway projects.

  3. New Town Design Review Board

    The Board is responsible for the reviewing applications, development plans, and specifications for New Town.

  4. Social Services Advisory Board

    The Board serves in an advisory capacity in all matters pertaining to social welfare of the people of James City County.

  5. Thomas Nelson Community College Local Board

    The mission of the Thomas Nelson Community College Board is to serve as a liaison between the College President, Community, and the Virginia State Board for Community Colleges.

  6. Wetlands Board

    The Board is responsible for ensuring that responsible development and conservation of designated wetlands area occurs in the County.

  7. Williamsburg Regional Library Board of Trustees

    The Board oversees the operation at the Regional Library and the Cultural Center.